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Friday, June 08, 2007

Cool Library

So my co-worker calls over to me the other day and says, "Hey! The Conjuring Arts Research Center's library is looking for a cataloger."


Wait. The what now?

The problem with living in New York, as I often say, is that there are too many doggone things in it. If any other town in America happened to have a Conjuring Arts Research Center then you can BET everyone in the city would know about it. Heck, they'd probably have a Conjuring Arts Research Center Parade every year or something. But in New York, even the coolest of places disappear in the midst of all this schtoof.

Ah well. If you're a cataloger, boy have I got a job for you.

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At 1:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, but I am a cataloger...

(The lovely Cheryl B. Klein pointed me towards this blog entry of yours.)

Actually, I remember a couple years ago - when I was still in library school & desperately looking for possible ways back to New York - hearing about the library at the CARC because they advertised a position on Craigslist (of all places!). I really doubt they pay well enough to make rent in NYC (&/or pay off grad school loans >sigh<), but maybe, just maybe, I'd learn how to conjure up enough money to afford a fabulous NYC lifestyle on a librarian's salary! One can always dream, right?

At 1:40 PM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

Absolutely. Plus, when people asked you what you did for a living, you could tell them that you cataloged magic. Who can say that? Who?


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