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Friday, June 08, 2007

Crazy Question

For you children's librarians out there (or those with a remarkable knowledge) I've a crazy question. You know those books where you flip pages and change the image before you? For example, the image is of a face and you can flip to change the eyes, nose and mouth, thereby creating a wide variety of different combinations? Right. What are those books actually called? Is there a term for them? Because, to be frank, I haven't a clue.

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At 11:06 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're dancing right on top of the answer. It's a flipbook.

At 11:07 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha, thanks, now I'm going to be wracking my brain all day long!

At 11:08 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm, re-reading your post, I think you're talking about something different from what I first thought. I still like "flipbook" as the answer, though.

At 11:28 AM , Blogger Heather said...

Flap book?
Flag book?
I agree with eric berlin that flip book is probably right, but also is already matched with a different type of book.

At 11:28 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think a good definition of that kind of books is "lift-the-flap".
"Flipbook", I believe, is the "animation" book.

I like this article: http://www.library.unt.edu/rarebooks/exhibits/popup2/introduction.htm



At 12:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

no, its neither of those. I'm not sure there is a word . . .


At 12:47 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you talking about mix & match? There are a lot listed with that designation at Amazon.


At 1:41 PM , Blogger Matt Holm said...

Definitely mix and match (or mix OR match).

This was a favorite example when I was a kid

Here's a typical contemporary one.

At 2:04 PM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

Cool. It looks like the term Mix and Match / Mix or Match is the closest we're going to come. Thanks for all the help!

Love the article, Sergio.

At 7:15 PM , Blogger Laini Taylor said...

Mix and match was what came to my mind. I made one in art school -- it was so fun!


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