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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Free Books a.k.a. Meghan McCarthy's Party Draws Nigh

Free books!

Fine. So Book Expo came and went and it's possible you feel full to overflowing of free books. If, however, you'd like a couple more, why not hit Meghan McCarthy up for some? As she wrote me:
So I found out my publisher is going to give me 2 cartons of books to give away at my party this Saturday.
2 cartons, people. Books for everyone. Okay. So unfortunately I can't go as it's the same night as my husband's birthday party. But you guys throw damn good shindigs without me, I've noticed. That last Kidlit Drink Night? Dude, I snuck in there and no one needed me at all. So go give Meghan your support. Eat her food! Take her books!

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