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Friday, June 08, 2007

I Guess I Could Substitute Cinnamon for Garlic or Something . . .

Author Robin Brande of Evolution, Me and Other Freaks of Nature would like us to have a potluck together. We like Robin Brande. Ipso facto, we think that this is a good idea. She says:
Instead of any of us trying to meet each other at Book Expo or ALA or any other conferences, we’d pick some spot in the center of the country–someplace easy to get to, like Las Vegas or Denver or Salt Lake City or some other hub–and we could bring our significant others and children or not, and just set aside a Friday and a Saturday to actually hang out face to face and speak words to each other that do not involve typing.
I know she says we should bring exotic foods, but I'm bringing brownies. Sorry guys, but that's about as "exotic" as I get. They have cinnamon in them, so that's cool, right? Right?
Anywho, you should hear her out on it.

I vote, Denver.

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At 3:54 PM , Blogger Robin Brande said...

Fuse, no one is ever going to shun your brownies. Between that and all the deviled eggs coming, I think we are going to be one happy bunch.

And by the way, we haven't discussed dress code yet, but I think it might be another chance to wear your fancy red dress. Or jeans and a T, which is what I'll be going with.


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