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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Video Sunday

Oh what a lovely luscious line-up I have for you pretty chickens today. As you may have noticed, I'm now permanently eschewing topics. Topics are hard. They require thought and thought on a Sunday is to be avoided at all costs.

Today is my husband's birthday today, so let's have a bit of a birthday video, care of Barry Yourgrau's Nastybook.

Mr. Yourgrau has a whole host of these videos available here as well, by the by.

In keeping with British accents and the like, there's a rather amusing book trailer out there for Leonardo's Shadow by Christopher Grey. We haven't had a book trailer for a novel in a while. Eh voila.

I don't review YA but I don't mind showing their videos. My favorite part was seeing that the guy doing the voiceover, one Michael Dobson, advertises his own website during the credits. Why on earth would a man working via his voice have headshots? Curious.

Speaking of things that are curious, we're straying off-topic now and venturing into Ohmygodthat'sawesome territory with the next two videos. First up, the few-cha! I can't link the video here directly so just click on the tasty link.

I want two of these in my home by next year, people. Make it happen. Thanks to Eric Berlin for the news. The next one? Just neat.

And as for the last link, not only is it on-topic but it's quite a treat. A confusing treat, but a treat nonetheless. You may have heard some mention of the upcoming documentary The Hollywood Librarian. Well here's the trailer for it.

It's nice enough but when you compare the trailer to the description of the film, the two don't add up. Ah well. Just something to send you on your way this lazy hazy Sunday.

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At 2:33 PM , Blogger Monica Edinger said...

Do you know The Nasty Book? I just remember the story where a kid is called downstairs and told that there has been a mistake and his parents aren't really his parents and he ends up with some other really horrible ones. Turns on its head a kid sort of dreaming he is REALLY the son of someone rich and famous.

I tried reading several to my class, but that particular cohort was not amused.

At 10:43 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

I know the filmmaker of Hollywood Librarian - I work with her sister - and if you get a chance... it's marvelous. I agree they have trouble describing it accurately.


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