Fuse #8

Friday, March 10, 2006

A damn good idea

I'm off of work today so I get to scroll through as many children's related websites as I like and not get in trouble for it. Ha ha! As I was looking at the author Gail Gauthier's website I came across her mention of a particularly interesting link:

Ruth McNally Barshaw has a wonderful site called SKETCHES of FAMOUS AUTHORS and famous illustrators OF CHILDREN'S BOOKS . Barshaw attends author/illustrator talks and does sketches while she's sitting in the audience. She's posted the sketches as well as her notes.

This sounded vaguely Hirschfeldian to me so I took a gander. The site is wonderful. She's certainly seen her share of authors. I personally haven't seen ANY of the ones that she has. Definitely worth a gander.


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