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Thursday, March 09, 2006

New fun blog with new fun posts

I've been bad today. I keep finding great children's literature blogs that I just want to read in perpetuity. Today I've grown especially fond of Big A little a, especially a post she wrote in response to Mick Hume's article in The Times about kids reading books their parents hate. She has me right up until the moment she mentions that she herself didn't like The Berenstein Bears. Now I mean, really. Not like the bears??? How can a person resist them? They were one of the first books I read as a kid that explained that some people bully others when there's abuse at home. Honest.


At 1:37 PM , Blogger Kelly said...

Sorry, Fuse! Truly.

I don't love the Berenstains for 3 reasons. The are:

1) I've had to read them all multiple times to my sister (12 years younger), my daughter (now 10) and my son (now 5).
2) As a less than perfect (and working) mother, Mama Bear has always upset me with her perfection :)
3) As a person who had a great father and is married to a great father, I think Papa Bear gets a bum rap.

My reasons are all adult reasons. I'm sure I loved the bears as a child as well and, in the end, that's all that matters.

At 1:38 PM , Blogger Kelly said...

P.S.: I'm doing a blogroll update this evening and I'll be sure to add yours.

At 4:52 PM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

Ooh. Thank you! I love exposure.

I can more than understand not particularly taking to the Bears if you weren't exposed to them at a tender age AND you had to read them forever and a day to your kids.

I have my own personal dislikes. Spot books drive me up the wall and the Carl series by Alexandra Day makes my skin crawl in all sorts of interesting way.

At 8:39 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm anti-Bears, too. (Sorry.)

At 1:02 PM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

So far the Pro-Bears to Anti-Bears stance is as follows:

Pro-Bears: 1
Anti-Bears: 2

Uh-oh. Just for fun I reviewed "Bears" by Ruth Krauss and recently re-illustrated by Maurice Sendak to pick up support for SOME kind of Bear-related book. I won't actually review a Berenstain Bears title anytime soon, though. What's the point? It's not like they need the exposure.


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