Fuse #8

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Twenty-seven years old, people. 27!!!!!!!!

I've just finished reading Looking For Alaska by John Green. As you all know, I'm far fonder of reading and writing reviews of books for kiddies under the age of 14 than slogging through thigh-high pools of angst. On the other hand, I'm a fan of awards. So every year I grab a couple of the newest Printz Award winners and settle down to read 'em up. For the record Looking for Alaska is wonderful and comes as one of those experiences that can only be described as truly enjoyable. Just a lot of fun. Anyway, I take a gander at the author, John Green and here's what I learn. The guy is my age. The guy is my age and he wrote a frigging Printz Award winning YA novel. I'm impressed, envious beyond words, and wondering if he lives here in New York if I couldn't run into him in a bar sometime. Why not?

Anyway, not only is he a prime candidate for the Hot Men of Children's Literature series (so he's a YA writer... big deal) but he also has a blog. A poorly maintained blog, but a blog all the same. And the first posting you're gonna see is a kind of photo-essay of his win. It's well worth a gander.


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