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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Why you should see Dave Chapelle's Block Party

This week-end the hubby and I went out and saw Dave Chapelle's Block Party which is one of two watchable movies currently in theaters now. Now I know a lot of you wouldn't think this kind of movie sounds like fun. Moreover, you're probably wondering why I'm mentioning in a children's literature blog. Well Dave admittedly does not wax rhapsodic over his favorite book when he was a kid. I'll admit that. But there's a moment that occurs a little more than halfway through the movie that makes it worth the price of admission alone. Wyclef Jean is one of the many many performers to appear in the film. When he shows up he meets up with a student band that Dave brought with him from Ohio to see the show. Then Jean starts talking about libraries. He basically talks for minute after minute about how important libraries are, how you need to visit them, and how if you don't have a library in your neighborhood you should complain to your mayor or councilman or anyone who'll listen. In short, Dave Chapelle's Block Party is very very pro-library. It's also an amazing movie (yay Michel Gondry!) but I figured I needed some kind of a connection to mention it in this forum.


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