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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Courting stardom

It may be obvious to you by now, but I'm a sucker for the craziness that occurs when children's literature and Hollywood mix and mash. Now we've an article from Publisher's Weekly that talks about how hot the property currently is. Who's to thank? Narnia in part, but I think Walden Media may specifically be the cause. No other production company currently does as accurate and exciting renderings of children's books.

God, I'm such a groupie.


At 6:31 PM , Blogger Disco Mermaids said...

I agree. I've been watching Walden Media for a while now. Based on their website, walden.com, they seem like the ultimate company to produce movies based on children's books because they truly appreciate the source material. I can't wait to see what they do with so many of the titles they have in production. Bridge to Terabithia. The Giver. And so on...

- Jay

At 10:25 PM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

Don't forget "How To Eat Fried Worms". Not too long ago a Walden Media contact e-mailed me for advice on how to get libraries involved in the movie. We had, coincidentally, just gotten involved in a worm composting workshop. I'm fascinated by how the movie's going to play out too. The book is exceedingly tense and is all about strategy and defense. I'm overly excited about its release.


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