Fuse #8

Friday, May 12, 2006

She Should Ask For Staples Next

It must be a slow news day up in Scotland. For that matter, it must be a slow children's news day here in New York. After all, I'm repeating this information. There are those amongst you, however, who like a good jolt of Rowling info daily. Apparently (according to the news article) J.K. Rowling mentioned casually on her website the other day that it was a bit difficult finding the right lined paper to continued writing down the last book in the Harry Potter series. The thought of having to wait any longer than we already have to for this final book immediately galvanized countless fans. They have now overwhelmed Ms. Rowling with reams of the stuff in addition to giving her maps to local Edinburgh paper sources. The article, trying to fill space, even went so far as to interview local paper merchants. And so it goes.


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