Fuse #8

Saturday, May 13, 2006

SRA/McGraw Hill: Damage Control or Digging Themselves In Deeper?

The interesting thing about blogging is that you never know who's going to be listening in. Remember that funny little piece I had the other day about Patricia Polacco getting disinvited from speaking at the IRA Conference in Chicago? Well apparently SRA/McGraw Hill has started noticing the talk going on about all of this and they're attempting a kind of half-assed damage control. I first heard about this from Gregory K. at Gotta Book. Greg has a fabulous piece at his blog on the topic. Then Roger Sutton at Read Roger received a comment and posted accordingly. They're not alone either. I Write For Young Adults So Take That got a comment. So I got curious. Was I the only one who didn't get a form response? Then again, I hadn't checked my old post in a long time. I looked again and HOORAY!!! I got one too! What fun. Or rather, how freakin' frightening that they even managed to find my teeny tiny posting. Please read the comments at both Gotta Book and Read Roger for some truly intelligent takes on the matter.


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