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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Touched By the Fairies, That One

Lois Lowry has a piece on changing the original title of Gossamer on her blog. Though I can understand and appreciate the sentiment behind it, I think the publisher probably had the right idea when they told her that a book called "The Touched Boy" would give the wrong impression to the book buying crowd. Thanks to Blog From the Windowsill for the link.


At 7:05 AM , Blogger Tarie Sabido said...

Ooohhh, that IS an interesting link. Authors and publishers have to be extra careful when it comes to children's literature. Speaking of Gossamer, is it good? =) I am so excited about reading it. It sounds like a beautiful book and Lois Lowry does have an amazing track record. =) Gossamer isn't out yet here in the Philippines. =(

At 10:28 AM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

Yup. It's a good 'un. Just click on the word "Gossamer" in this posting and you can see my review of it. I'm not entirely certain if it's out here yet. Probably is. I have a hard time keeping track these days.


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