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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Whole New Kind of Book Marketing

Marketing and publicity come in a variety of new crunchy formats these days. Smart publishers (I'm looking at you Kane/Miller, Random House, and Harper Collins) know how to use children's literature blogs, like this one, to their advantage. But what if the author wants to do a little direct self-promotion? I'm not talking websites. That kind of thing is touch-and-go anyway. What about getting a MySpace site? Well, that's just what the author of SEPTINA NASH AND THE PENGUINS OF DOOM (nice name) decided to do. I smell a treee-eeend. Don't think that MySpace isn't dangerous though. Here's a video that may inform you as to the dangers of participating in this kind of site. None of this has gotten to the point where I've seen Craigslist postings for upcoming books, but I'm sure that day is nigh.


At 8:01 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

We have been discussing the very same thing in our blog and found a few authors having some success while building relationships with their readers on MySpace. We are trying to learn from whoever has been there for a while and had some success. We want to explore the possibilities by sharing the information.

I really loved the video and after seeing it I realized that my daughter is a MySpace junkie, lol.

Here is our link if you want to check it out:

Thanks for sharing.


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