Fuse #8

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Kids And Their Newfangled Storytimes

When I was a kid there was a dying mall in my hometown. The dying mall (which, by the time I hit teenhood had almost completely kicked the bucket, save for a single movie theater) had several slightly creepy aspects about it, but none so creepy as the story phone. A child would sit on a small stool, remove a brightly colored plastic phone from a hook, and immediately hear a creaky recorded voice tell them a story. An experience like no other, that.

Now it's 2006 and the times have a-change-ed. Today kids can listen to classic children's audio stories online, and even download the text to read along. It doesn't have quite the same appeal as holding sweaty neon plastic to your ear amongst derelict stores, but it'll do. Thanks to Kids Lit for the link.


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