Fuse #8

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Off I Go!

Ever since I started this blog lo these many months ago, I haven't really had a vacation. This is because I am a workaholic freak. Now ALA is nigh and tomorrow at 10 in the morning I fly far far away to The Big Easy. In preparation I purchased the 2003 edition of the Time Out New Orleans guidebook. I knew perfectly well that the book would be just a touch out of date, but the maps in the back were just so darned purdy. Had I known though that the New Orleans Today section was subtitled, "A new mayor, a new basketball team - what could possibly go wrong" (I am NOT making this up . . . I swear this to you) I would have bought it sight unseen anyway. Talk about inviting trouble. Don't the good people of Time Out know anything about attracting the evil eye?

I will attempt to post once a day in a timely and interesting fashion. Please wish me luck. I'm gonna miss you guys. *sniffle*


At 3:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuse, have fun! Have a beignet and a praline for me!


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