Fuse #8

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It's Not Hard-Core Gardening (Though It Could Be)

Even more music schtoof. Between Harry and the Potters and the Wyrd Sisters, children's literature-inspired bands have never been hipper i.e. more blogged by me. So it was with great grins and pitter pats of the heart that I discovered that my favorite NYC band Mr. McGregor had a website. Containing at least two members who are current employees of Random House (one of whom is Hot Man of Children's Literature #13), these guys kick ass and take names. But even if they've songs like "Country Mouse", "City Mouse", and Bookslut, don't expect kiddie fare. Mr. McGregor is clearly for the adult beer-lovin' set. Of course, their site doesn't list any upcoming shows past June 16th (*cough cough* Jim *cough cough*) but should it ever do so, don't hesitate to check them out sometime. Fine listening.


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