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Friday, July 07, 2006

Other Potter-Related News Items

Shows what I know. I hadn't even heard of PotterCast, the regular Harry Potter podcast website that, "gives a Harry Potter fan more than an hour of Potteresque entertainment each week in the form of the latest news and intriguing discussion. It is the only Harry Potter podcast to feature interviews with the Harry Potter editors, cast and crew, and often features news that goes unreported elsewhere". Huh! My discovery came in the form of Cheryl Klein, editor extraordinaire of Scholastic, who will be appearing on Pottercast as part of this week's show.


At 8:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you've heard of MuggleCast, though - one of the same ilk. I haven't listened to PotterCast, but MCs are always a hoot. I could spend hours just listening to their Chapter by Chapter analyses.

Loved your report of Harry and the Potters, btw. They're awesome, aren't they? I think what speaks to me the most about them is that in another universe, they'd be the ADHD kids sitting in the back of the room, being told to find something better to do with their time than write sily fan songs. But instead, they're a successful high-energy band. Makes one stop and think about this whole strengths and weaknesses thing, doesn't it?

At 10:01 PM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

MuggleCast, eh? Look how out of the loop I am. I am here and the loop is waaaay over there. *sigh*

I was shocked to discover today that when Harry and the Potters played at The Knitting Factory later that evening, the show was sold out. That's some kinda fan base out there. And ADHD doesn't even cover these guys. Give 'em a pack of Ritalin and we'd probably lose half the wonderful songs they've concocted. Excellent point.

At 10:13 PM , Blogger Cheryl said...

Betsy, at one point they asked how many of the people at the Knitting Factory show had been at the Library earlier in the day, and at least 25 hands went up. I even talked to two girls who had walked from the library on 53rd down to Tribeca for the evening show, decked out in full Potter-rock regalia -- plus they got both brothers to sign their shirts. And I sold my extra ticket to the show to a 19-year-old sophomore from Colgate University who was interning in the city for the summer, who had read SORCERER'S STONE when it first came out (in 1998) and had followed the series ever since. It's a Potter generation, like it or not.

At 10:17 AM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

Oh, I like it. I like it a lot. I'm just stunned by the dedication of the fan base. Then I looked at the tour schedule for the group and couldn't believe how many places they were going and how often.

Looking at the energy that they brought to the show, I'm also a bit taken aback that they would have done a second show so soon after the first. I mean, these guys jump and fall and scream and crawl into the audience and who knows what all. What are they on? Speed?


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