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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bringing With Him the Subtlety of His Performance In Dudley Do-Right

This is one of those cases where you wish the preference of the author had been thoroughly trumped. It looks as if Cornelia Funke has gotten her way and Brendan Fraser has signed on to play Mo in the upcoming and perpetually in production Inkheart. I think I'll bide my time trying to figure out who should play Dustfinger. Howzabout Steve Buscemi?
Many thanks to BookMoot for the link.


At 1:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I listened to both of the Inkworld books on MP3, and I had some trouble with Inkspell because Brendan Fraser was the narrator. It wasn't that he wasn't good - it was just distracting. I kept thinking "that's Brendan Fraser". He's a bit too distinctly himself, I think. Thanks for the update!

At 2:17 PM , Blogger Greg Pincus said...

Per Variety (today, no less), Paul Bettany and New Line are "in talks" for him to play Dustfinger.

At 2:38 PM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

Oh, don't tell me this. Bettany broke my heart when Daniel Craig ended up getting the Lord Asriel role in The Golden Compass. I hardly dare breathe if he's a possible Dustfinger.

At 2:56 PM , Blogger Jackie Parker said...

Bettany is lovely.

At 12:33 PM , Blogger Melissa said...

That may be distracting to have Brendan Frasier play Mo -- but he really is immenently watchable, so it just might work.

Then again, the movie itself just might be a disaster.


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