Fuse #8

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Last night I was enjoyed the company of a whole host of lovely children's literature lovin' ladies. The child_lit listserv (Unofficial Motto: Philip Pullman Writes On Us!) has periodic group dinners here in NYC. So last night about 8 of us decided to traipse on down to the World Trade area of town and have a lovely little picnic in a small park there. Good conversation was present. Prosciutto was present. Wine was present. Cops were also, unfortunately, present due to the latter item. Instead of hauling us in, however, (and what good copy Drunken Librarians Busted at World Trade Center Site would have made in The Post too) the cops were very nice and told us how to go about concealing drinks in the future. I assured the others that I would blog accordingly, and so I have. A tip of the hat to our fine NYC force.


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