Fuse #8

Monday, September 25, 2006

Success In Two Arenas

Y'all remember my brief flirtation with a new banner on this site, yes? When my dear friend Don created a handy dandy combo of 8 little fuses my ignorance regarding all things HTML meant that my new banner created all kinds of difficulties. Fortunately for me Don happens to be a web genius. He's done website work for Herb Ritts , Nick Hornby, Jonathan Safran Foer (who, he insists, I'll get to meet someday) and now me. Which is to say, he fixed it so that my banner now will link back to this blog if you click on it AND it looks all spiffy. Give the man a big round of applause, people.

Now if you don't mind I must excuse myself as I'm about to have coffee with Roger Sutton. Yes, children, THE Roger Sutton. I swear the brief mention he made of me on his blog has given me better publicity than a year's worth of reviews.


At 1:16 AM , Blogger Kelly said...

Have fun, Fuse!

If you guys meet Tim Gunn, please say hi from me

(You'll have to check his comments to see why--Roger and I have the same secret boyfriend.)

At 12:21 PM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

Yep. I saw that. My husband actually as a man-crush on Tim as well so Mr. Gunn's charm is definitely universal.


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