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Thursday, November 16, 2006

For the Last Time, Sir, Have You No Decency?

It's been a while since Disney did anything truly evil. Disney Cuties are mildly toxic but they're not Eeeevil (with a capital "e"). Know what is? This.

As one person told me, "Felix Salten must be turning over in his grave. Or off getting rip-roaring drunk with L.M. Montgomery as the two of them watch what's being done to their creations?"

And while I wouldn't necessarily place this in the same category as the Anne of Green Gables prequel (repeat the letter of the alphabet that comes after "X" repeatedly at this time) it's hard not to choke on your cocoa when you see something like this:

Sorry, lovelies. If I see the word "cute" in the comment section here, heads are gonna roll.


At 10:30 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure you're right, but I can't stop staring at the cover to Thumper Counts to Ten. Shame that the title blows the ending.

Fuse#8: heart of stone.

At 11:27 AM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

Oh yeah! I was going to blog about that at one point! The whole Dakota Fanning reenacting the old Garth Williams cover (though Williams had everyone looking slightly perturbed and the movie image has everyone beaming brightly). Worse WORSE was the early reader book they put out with faux-Garth Williams illustrations and a plot straight out of the movie. It even ends with a line like, "And Wilbur knew that the greatest prize of all was friendship." AUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!

I love the comment that "Thumper Counts To Ten" blows the ending, by the way. At least grant us a little dollop of suspense, Disney.


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