Fuse #8

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Meet the Author

807 authors want you to read their books. Nothing new there. But 807 authors have also decided to let you know about this by personally recording little videos that summarize their stories to a tee. Say they:
The video clips are NOT reviews, they are NOT written by the marketing departments of publishers - these are authors speaking from their heart - to YOU.
Fair enough. Watch as James Patterson explains Maximum Ride and Eoin Colfer (who's having a good month on Fuse #8) does a summary of Artemis Fowl. Those of you who think Markus Zusak is a cutie (gotta love the accent) will enjoy his Book Thief. They update fairly regularly and are definitely well worth watching (particularly if you've a weakness for a good British brogue). The full list of authors is available here.

Ripped untimely from the womb of bookshelves of doom.


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