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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Books of Wonder Musings

On Sunday I hightailed it over to good old Books of Wonder (motto: Our Cupcake Cafe features the sexiest legs you'll ever see on pastry) to see Jennifer Armstrong and David Small do the selling books thing (hence today's review). My reasons for going were twofold. First of all, I've been wanted to meet Ms. Armstrong ever since I cowardly ducked out of talking to her at the last ALA Conference. Second, David Small knows my mom.

Actually, everyone in southwest Michigan knows my mom. Mom used to work for the now long gone Athena Bookstore (oldest independent bookstore in Kalamazoo until it was crushed under the malevolent thumb of Barnes & Ignoble). And being that Mr. Small and his wife Sarah Stewart live in Mendon, MI, they've been in K-zoo quite a bit and they know my mom. What I didn't mention when I met Mr. Small was that I clearly remember him visiting my elementary school (GO PARKWOOD-UPJOHN!) when I was a young 'un.

Anywho, I introduced myself to Ms. Armstrong, who was suitably charming. I met Mr. Small and we chatted. Cheryl Klein showed up, which was swell, and then it turned out that there was a special guest. Sarah Stewart was not on the roster of visiting picture book authors, but there she was just the same. Ms. Stewart is, should you live in a sad and dreary world where you have never met her, charm incarnate. Just the nicest woman. She remembered my mother as well, but our conversation had to be cut short as hoardes of people with books in their arms clamored about to have their copies signed. A lovely afternoon.


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