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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

YA Schtoof

I try to steer clear from YA topics in general. Not that I don't like Young Adult literature or anything. It's just that I have enough work cut out for me with all the free floating children's literary info in the world. Teen lit would serve to push me over the edge entirely, I should think.

That said, here's some fun info that I can't help but point out. First off, it looks as if Ned Vizzini is filling in as a guest-blogger on Bookslut's blog this week. He has a distinctive voice. Almost enough to tempt me to read his regular blog as well. Almost.

And from the man with whom I share a last name/life, this one's kind of funny. My husband is in the film program at Columbia and he mentions to me that he knows this fellow who's been doing book trailers. I act polite and ask if he's submitted the trailers to Book Trailerpark or anything. My husband hasn't a clue but he figures he'll pass along a link of this guy's work to me for possible blogging. He doesn't know the name of it and keeps referring to it as "the Nazi one". Well here's the link he sent. "The Nazi one" is book #1. See if it looks familiar to you.

Lo and behold, my hubby knows Jon Haller. And Mr. Haller, interestingly enough, is currently working on a book trailer for Flotsam. I've seen book trailers for YA novels, but for a picture book it would have to be an entirely different beastie, yes? We'll see.


At 11:10 AM , Blogger SilberBook-Blog said...

Just watched the trailer for the "Nazi book" and it gave me chills. Of course the "actors" looked a little too clean and had nice clothes - but the imagery was wonderful.


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