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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cover Girl

As Meghan McCarthy goes, so, in a perfect world, goes the nation. The nation, in the particular case, meaning children's book editors and art directors. If the world was a perfect place then every author would be allowed to show fans a swath of different potential covers for their upcoming books and people would be able to comment on which they preferred. Such is not yet the case, but Ms. McCarthy is taking a step in the right direction. She offering you the chance to tell her which of the 3 potential covers for her upcoming book City Hawk: The Story of Pale Male is the best of the lot. There is no prize. Just a deep satisfaction that comes with knowing you've done your duty as a citizen.


At 3:53 PM , Blogger Marie Winn said...

Meghan: I'm afraid that in all 3 pictures your would-be Red-tailed Hawk looks more like an owl. Marie Winn [author of another book about Pale Male]

At 10:55 PM , Blogger Meghan McCarthy said...

Hi Marie,

I am quite aware of your Pale Male book and of you since your name has come up in my many research over and over again. (great book, by the way!)

Thanks for the comment. I looked at a ton of hawk photos before proceeding with any of the paintings. My decision was to make the hawk look more friendly for children and in doing so he may look less hawk like.

I will think about your comment and see what I can do. I have a feeling, however, that it's too late to change anything because the book is going to print! Still, my fear is that if he looked just like a hawk he may scare the younger crowd. Sometimes tough decisions have to be made when writing for children and sometimes accuracy has to be thrown out the window.

I actually agreed to do an own painting for a project coming up and my version of an owl looks quite different from my take on Pale Male--more plump, for example.



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