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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The SLJ Blog Lists Their Best Posts of the Year

And we're number 2! How sweet is that? And what a good idea too. Best posts of the year. Hmmm... Perhaps I'll do the same when my blog hits one year.


At 3:17 AM , Blogger Disco Mermaids said...


How many people can say that the only thing that beats them is chalkboard nostalgia?

Not many.

- Jay

At 7:11 AM , Blogger Julie said...

Excellent article.

At 12:29 PM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

I prefer to think of it more in terms of, "We lost to chalkboards, but we won the war."

At 10:04 PM , Blogger Kelly said...

Cool, Fuse!


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