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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Filthy With Knitters

A cry has gone out.
A knitting-related cry.
This is so silly. I don't even read knitting blogs. The only reason I even have a link to Purl Jam is because

A: The name is fabulous
B: It once linked to a disturbing package of Pirates of the Carribean M&Ms and I've been grateful ever since.

But Yarn Harlot, the greatest of all the knitting blogs out there, has put out a call that I find hard to resist. Her beef? Every time she goes somewhere, be it bar or bookstore or on her very own website, people underestimate the power and presence of knitters. She's not happy. She wants to show the world what knitters can do. So sayeth she:
In any case, Jayme-the-wonder-publicist and I have come up with an idea. The new book comes out soon and since it's a book about knitting as a destination and the community of knitters that populate it, we thought that this would be an excellent time to make a point. We would like to show the media and the muggles exactly how many knitters there are, how seriously we take it, and exactly how large a demographic they are ticking of when they discount our numbers and our buying power by ignoring the things that we tell them. Essentially, I don't care if they think we are stupid. I don't care if they think Sock Clubs are stupid, and I will still sleep at night if they laugh at us. I just want them not to openly mock us and impede our attempts at commerce or community. To that end, we would like to invite you to a Really Big Book Launch. The shock the muggles night event will be March 22nd in New York City at FIT, The Fashion Institute of Technology. (They have a Knitting Laboratory.) It'll be in the Haft Auditorium, which is in the C building on 27th street just off of 7th avenue. It's really easy to get there.
It will be 6pm or later.
I dunno. Sounds kinda fun. Y'all wanna go?



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