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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Holes ala Happy Days

So I'm rummaging around the old posts of Kids Lit circa 2005 in search of a piece I know that she posted back then and look what I find instead. An old Variety article circa 2005 talking about the possibility of turning Holes into a TV show. Obviously this idea fell through, but the concept was pretty interesting. Walden Media wanted to turn the book into a half an hour series with in-depth looks at some of the characters who didn't get a fair shake in the film. This could have been a great kid/teen drama. Heck, season two could have been Small Steps. I'm a little disappointed this didn't happen. We might have actually have gotten a chubby Stanley on a screen somewhere.

I also found this 2005 Nestle Childrens Book Award winners. Anything look familiar to you? Every single title was eventually published in America (some more successfully than others). I should be paying closer attention to this award, I guess.

Thanks Kids Lit!

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