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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Kids Lit: Extremely Helpful As Ever, As Always

Thanks to Kids Lit our attention has been shifted to the all new ALSC ChildTech Wiki. And what a good idea it is too. With the ever shifting Web out there, permanent lists of online resources tend to become outdated in a year or less. Says the site, "Please feel free to add information regarding technology within the realm of library services for children." It's still in the early stages without many resources listed, but add your two cents if you've a yen to do so and watch it grow.

Even more fun, Kids Lit also linked to the recent Edgar nominees.
  • Gilda Joyce: The Ladies of the Lake by Jennifer Allison (Penguin Young Readers - Sleuth/Dutton)
  • The Stolen Sapphire: A Samantha Mystery by Sarah Masters Buckey (American Girl Publishing)
  • Room One: A Mystery or Two by Andrew Clements (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers)
  • The Bloodwater Mysteries: Snatched by Pete Hautman & Mary Logue (Penguin Young Readers - Sleuth/Putnam)
  • The Case of the Missing Marquess: An Enola Holmes Mystery by Nancy Springer (Penguin Young Readers - Philomel/Sleuth)

I'm pleased as punch to see the inclusion of Nancy's Springer's Enola Holmes. To my mind this was one of the too little appreciated books of 2006. A really fun mystery with an exceedingly strong grasp on the whole Holmes mythos. Read it if you've a moment to spare. I give it to all the kids looking for mysteries.

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At 2:27 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

About what age do you think the Enola Holmes book is suited for? I've got an advanced reader in first grade - I don't worry about comprehension as much as subject matter when I pick chapter books for him. (The Higher Power of Lucky, for example, I just read and thought was more suited to third grade and up.) He loves mysteries like Basil of Baker Street, and has a couple of Sherlock Holmes stories on CD.

At 7:02 PM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

Hm. Well, the book does begin with an attempted murder, and there are some slightly dark elements to it. But if he can handle Basil then he might not have any problems with it. If your kids is an open-minded soul then maybe he wouldn't mind the female protagonist either. There was a book series that began in 2006 about the Baker Street Irregulars that might also go over like gangbusters too. I'd give Enola a firsthand look yourself before handing it over immediately.

At 10:18 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Fuse! If it's only slightly dark, he can handle it (he's listened to "The Speckled Band"), and he definitely won't mind a female protagonist (some of his favorite books are Katy Kelly's Lucy Rose series, Junie B. Jones, and the Joan Aiken books with Dido Twite -- I have Clementine on his birthday list).

I'll read Enola and look for the other series too - he'd love to read about the Baker Street Irregulars!


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