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Monday, February 26, 2007

Movie Tie-In Covers

It raises heckles faster than greased lightening. You walk into a bookstore, idly pick up an old favorite, and find a movie cover slapped haphazardly on your favorite title. Right now we're seeing the Bridge to Terabithia movie on an old classic, but at least it sells books right? Less easy to justify was the entirely ridiculous Ella Enchanted cover with Anne Hathaway sparkling those pearly whites at us. And even worse still? Steve Martin on a republished edition of Cheaper By the Dozen. We circulate one of these at work, and I can only justify handing it out by imagining the shock on the child readers' faces when they realize how distant the movie was to the original title.

So it was that The Guardian wrote a recent article entitled Trials and Adaptations that crows beautifully over this topic. The piece is unapologetically British (with references to things like the Richard and Judy Book Club rather than Oprah) but the point remains the same.

Thanks to the Bound To Read MySpace Blog for the link.

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At 8:34 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dakota Fanning has been on at least two MTI covers. Dreamer and Charlottes Web.
Was a cover snob even back in high school. I am proud to say I've never owned a Movie tie in cover.


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