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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Yacker Tracker

What I love about this:

A) It's called The Yacker Tracker. No giggles or grins about it. That's its name and there is NOTHING funny about it.

B) It looks like this.

C) Here's the description of it on the DEMCO website.
Select the appropriate sound level for any given situation with this adjustable sound-activated noise monitor. It appears to be a traffic signal, but actually signals too much noise. The green light stays lit until noise in the room goes above the set level, then flashing yellow comes on as a warning. When sound levels reach 20 decibels above the set level, a red light and optional siren sound comes on.
As the ever watchful What Adrienne Thinks About That mentioned, "Who in their right mind would think that setting off a siren is an appropriate response to noise?" I personally think it's hilarious. I can only hope that the noise it emits is shrill, ear-piercing, and deeply painful screech akin to teeth sawed repeatedly across a blackboard. You would think that DEMCO would consider offering a sample of the sound. Ah well. A girl can dream.

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At 10:46 AM , Blogger Liz B said...

Actually, what could be awesome is if you could change the sound to music and program the music.

Teens getting too loud? Blast some Frank Sinatra.

Babies crying? Switch the sound to the Wiggles and watch the toddlers start dancing.

At 2:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

...and then I found out that a couple libraries in my system actually own one. They seem to see the humor in it. Either that or they plan to lynch me at the next children's librarian's meeting. Good thing I've been working out.

At 7:20 PM , Blogger Brooke said...


Would you believe that the elemenatary school where I attended 5th grade (circa 1987) actually BOUGHT one of these and installed in in the cafeteria? This was done because the kids at school were too noisy during lunch (Why? Why must children be quiet during lunch?!?). The funny thing is that we used metal folding chairs in a linoleum-floored lunchroom, so whenever a class came in or left, the chairs would screech and the alarm would go off.

So, the alarm was going off pretty much constantly. My classmates and I began to wave our arms in synch with the alarm, like we were orchestra conductors. (This behavior resulted in instantaneous reprimands from teachers.)

Would you believe that the school PTA voted for this stupid light over new books for the school library? The school library with the ten-year-old encyclopedias that listed the space shuttle as a "dream for the future"? Yeah, that was the kicker for me. I was SO glad to move away from that place at the end of the year.


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