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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Infotubey Awards




The InfoTubey Awards are here. They celebrate, "libraries which used YouTube to market their library or its services or enhance the standing of the library in the community."

Good idea, yes? I just felt sad that NYPL's delightful Story of Doofus and Diligent didn't win. It wasn't nominated, I suppose, but work-loyalty aside, it's one of my favorite library-related YouTube vids. How pervasive is the influence of Doofus and Diligent in our culture today? Apparently one of my fellow librarians was passing a group of kids outside the Arts & Humanities Library the other day. When the kids were asked the names of the stone lions that sit outside they quickly responded, "Doofus and Diligent!" Which, in approximately 100 years, will be their official names. That sound you hear? Anne Carroll Moore ah-spinning in her grave.

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