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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Video Sunday - They Made That Into a Movie?

The problem with knowing that your favorite children and YA books have been turned into movies without your knowledge is that 90% of the time your ignorance was a good thing. Still, I like seeing how people mess up one way or another when they decide to put a popular title up on the silver screen.

First of all, was anyone aware that they'd turned Tom's Midnight Garden into a film? I can see now why no one's done it before. The poor guy playing Tom has to appear in his pajamas for most of the film. Also, Tom's a bit too old here, yes? Looks like he'd rather be kissing Hattie than scampering about with her.

From England to Venice. When I stumbled on the DVD of The Thief Lord in the Scholastic bookstore, I was shocked. Since then, I know of people who've seen this film. This trailer is a bit squished and gives away huge plot elements. It doesn't seem to work. Then again, I didn't really think that the magic parts gelled with the original book either.

And then there's Moomin. The Japanese made him into an animated series. Finland meets Japan and it looks like an ideal match. I was a little amazed. This isn't film per say, but it's pleasant enough to include.

And just to switch gears entirely, remember that recent adaptation of Blood and Chocolate? No? Here's why.

And finally, this is the worst. The worst of the worst of the worst. A perfect way to round out my selections. You say you don't remember the Five Children and It movie? This might be why. Oh. Sweet. Lord. Why, Eddie, why?

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At 1:32 PM , Blogger Monica Edinger said...

Yeah, I remember finding that "Five Children and It" trailer and carrying on about it on child_lit. There is also an even older lousy film of it knocking around out there (as I remember noticing it being available on TimeWarner cable's In Demand offerings one summer).

At 1:40 PM , Blogger Monica Edinger said...

Probably the worst adaptation that I ever saw was Maniac Magee on Nickelodeon (believe or not) a few years ago. I love the following comment on the film's imbd page (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0246063/)

"This has got to be the worst book to movie interpretation I have ever seen. I need to wash my tv. And my eyes. Anyone who thinks this is a good movie has never read the book. Booooooo Nickelodeon, in the words of Ebert; I hate hate hated this movie. 1 out of 10."

At 2:15 PM , Blogger lifelongreader said...

The version of The Thief Lord is well worth missing - it has none of the magic of the book, Scipio is a ridiculous character - he looked just stupid with that mask, the city of Venice looks boring, it does not inspire you the way it should.

I felt that this was one of the worst adaptations I have seen of a book, I have to go way back to Fahrenheit 451 (1966) to think of a book which has been butchered so badly, and even that is now partly due to the fact it has aged so badly.


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