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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bing Bunny and the Shrunken Head

Ladies and gentlemen I assure you that no worthy news story passes before my eyes without a thorough, rigorous process of testing for quality and human interest. We are a classy operation here at A Fuse #8 Production. Only the best will do.

And thus it was that I learned that children's author and artist Ted Dewan had offered his head to be shrunken and donated to an Oxford museum. I think the byline says it all:
An artist has offered to donate his own head to an Oxford museum - if a collection of shrunken heads has to be returned to South America.
Unimpressed? Would you be heartened to know that Mr. Dewan has already created his own mock-shrunken head that approximates what he thinks he'd look like?

All that aside, I had to check up on the man's credentials. You can bet that if Lane Smith or Jon Scieszka went about offering their heads for shrinking it would stir up a bit of interest, no? So how much of a children's author/illustrator is this guy? Well, here's his website for a start. It finally led me to a book series that made me go, "Oooooh! THAT is how I know the fellow!" He can leap from Bing Bunny to donating his soon-to-be teeny tiny cranium. That's called "range", chickens. And who's got some? That guy.

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