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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Picture It. Secret of the Andes: The Graphic Novel!

Neil Gaiman reported it and Monica Edinger followed up on it. It seems that images from the upcoming Coraline graphic novel are available for viewing. This is an interesting move on Gaiman's part. Recent children's novels for the middle grade set have been adapted into graphic novel formats with reasonable success. Until now, however, most of these have been series. The Baby-Sitters Club. The Warriors. Now we've a stand alone fantasy novel in a GN format. Will this confuse those readers assigned the book in school? If other stand alone books follow suit will they all be fantasies? Or will we see things like graphic novel adaptations of things like Penny From Heaven and Rules? Frankly, the thought of GN Newbery books excites me quite a lot. One would never replace the other, but I love the idea of tackling serious children's books with new formats.

*cough* Of course, only REALLY smart and forward-thinking publishers would attempt this *cough*

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