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Monday, May 28, 2007

New Blog

I've grown a bit fond of a new blog out there that hadn't really caught my eye until now. Kid*Lit(erary) is penned by author Laurel Snyder. Her blog is a nice mix of personal opinions and professional information. I was particularly taken with the post that mentioned that her mother's friend from church is Laura Amy Schlitz. Ms. Snyder then ties that into the work of Joan Aiken (justifiably, I'd say) and continues on from there.

Worth a peek in any case.

Thanks to Cynsations for the link.

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At 11:03 AM , Blogger Laurel said...

Thanks so much for the link!

Children's books are so incredibly important, and fun!

This new blog is such a treat to fiddle with

Love the blog!


At 1:56 AM , Blogger Gowri said...

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