Fuse #8

Friday, May 25, 2007

Silver Screen Skeletons

I'm so easily distracted. Wave a piece of shiny aluminum foil in front of my face and suddenly I can't seem to remember what my first name is anymore. Anywho, somehow I got the wrong impression about that new fire-throwing skeleton, Skulduggery Pleasant. When I heard that his movie rights just got sold, I thought that this was old news. Turns out, I was incorrect in my assumptions. Remember, Derek Landy did make a ton of money, but that was just when he signed with HarperCollins in the first place.

So I reread this old Times Online article on the topic and ran into this amusing quote:

"Derek Landy, 31, from Lusk will now follow in the lucrative footsteps of Cecilia Ahern, John Connolly and Eoin Colfer after HarperCollins signed him up to write three children’s books."

And by gum it put them on the map!

Thanks to Dark Horizons for the link.

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