Fuse #8

Friday, August 25, 2006

And Don't Even Get Me Started On Their Libraries' Fabulous Children's Rooms

Doggone Brooklyn. With their Oracle and their 826NYC (NOT 826Brooklyn, so how come THEY get to host it?) and their damned difficult to navigate at 2 a.m. subway system. So what do they have on their plate next? Only the Brooklyn Book Festival, the hottest ticket in town and one filled to o'erflowing with children's authors. Don't believe me? Check out these stats:
  • Holly Black
  • Ann Brashares
  • Libby Bray
  • Barbara Ensor
  • Paula Fox (I can't believe they actually got her)
  • Patric McDonnell
  • Kirsten Miller
last but not least...
  • Mo Willems
And that's just the children/teen authors. Of course more children/teen authors live in Brooklyn than any other city in America. Doesn't mean I'm any less envious, though.


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