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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hey, Authors! Come n' Write It!

"Why do the numbers of girls interested in the sciences decrease as they move into high school and higher education?" Girls aren't going into the sciences like they should be and The Feminist Press at CUNY alongside the National Science Foundation wants to change all that. The solution? They're calling for the following:
You’ll find several requests for specific proposals below. One calls for scientific detective stories based on the life, research, and discoveries of real women scientists. Another calls for stories featuring real young women—aspiring gymnasts, ice skaters, actors, dancers--using a knowledge of science to help them become really good at what they do. A third recognizes how popular Manga and graphic novels are with girls, and asks for imaginative new collaborations between Manga writers and artists to create adventures about girls who use real science to accomplish their goals.
Details are available at their website. And as someone who would have preferred to swallow small hot nails rather than take another Geometry or Chemistry class in high school, I understand the need. I also like that the call for proposals includes a Manga element. Well done there.
Thanks to Critical Mass for the link.


At 12:39 PM , Anonymous Elizabeth Fama said...

Hmm...except that avid fiction readers are often the more humanities-oriented kids. Girls (and boys) who love science are often non-fiction lovers. This group should definitely also pursue another medium, like video games, where the audience includes lots of girls who are already interested in math and science -- to keep them rooted on that path.


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