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Monday, January 29, 2007

Where Were You When You DIDN'T Receive "The Call"?

Everyone likes to talk about what one author or another was doing when they got the infamous call telling them that they won the Newbery Award. No one, to the best of my knowledge, has ever had the guts to say what they were doing when they didn't receive The Call. Chalk one up to Esme Codell for unapologetic gutsiness. She didn't get The Call but that doesn't keep her from writing a damn funny piece on her blog Planet Esme about her lack of Callness. What's more, I think she makes an excellent assessment of the surprise non-winners. Again, not something anyone's really sat down and organized till now. Kudos to youdos, Esme.

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At 10:58 PM , Blogger Nancy said...

This was a great post you linked to. Funny, and yet entirely sweet. I loved her last line about the non-winners: You may not have received a call, but if you could see a child reading what you have created, you would know that you answered one.


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