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Friday, February 02, 2007

A Boring Store To Open. YAWN.

And while I'm stealing stuff from the BB-Blog, here's some info I hadn't heard until now.

You knew all about the Pirate Supply Store. You laughed and enjoyed the Superhero Supply Store. You desperately needed the Space Travel Supply Store more than you'd ever admit in public. Now hold onto your seats, pretty chickens, so as to best enjoy The Boring Store.
Here in Chicago we are surrounded by secret agents, none of whom have a proper, private place to shop. This is about to change. 826CHI will offer secret agent supplies in a most secretive way. Be on the lookout for The Boring Store, the covert front for our operations. All proceeds from the store will go directly toward supporting our programs.
Yep. Chicago has just gotten their very own version of this very popular creation. 826Chicago is everything you want in a non-profit writing and tutoring center. With locations already in L.A., Ann Arbor, Seattle, and Brooklyn (NOT Manhattan growl grumble, grumble growl) it's really an amazing creation and well worth your time and interest. I'm still trying to convince my co-workers that we should all conduct a field trip and visit one. Soon... soon...

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At 4:33 PM , Blogger Alabaster said...

The Boring Store is finally open. And it's a wonderful, ridiculous shop full of absurd, dangerous secret agent equipment!

Explore every nook and cranny of Chicago's weirdest store in this photo essay:

826CHI Spy Store: The Boring Place Photo Essay


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