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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The TinTin Men

Says Dark Horizons:
"Lord of the Rings" filmmaker Peter Jackson is being lined up to tackle yet another internationally beloved literary property - "Tintin".

Both the trades report that Jackson and Steven Spielberg would each direct one of three back-to-back installments of the franchise based on Herge's series of Belgian comics.
Ah-ha! Responds Cynopsis Kids. But did you know...
The movies will be produced in 3D digital and motion-capture technology. Kathleen Kennedy will also serve as a producer on the movies. The movie studio announced in March 2007 that it would produce movies based on the Herge Studios' property, which follows the adventures of a young Belgian news reporter. Spielberg and Jackson will each direct one of the Tintin movies, with no word on who would direct the third. Both Spielberg and Jackson are longtime fans of Tintin, which was created as a comic strip by Georges Remi, aka Herge, in 1929. Since then there have been 23 books published in a range of languages, all of which continue to be huge bestselling titles.
But wait, says The Guardian. There's more:
Spielberg has long harboured a passion to adapt Tintin to the big screen, trying for more than 25 years to get the film rights to the comic book series. He succeeded last year. Once the rights were sorted, Spielberg and Jackson quietly began to work on developing the project together. Jackson's special effects company, Weta, developed a 20-minute film bringing the Tintin characters to life and showed it to Spielberg.
Info also found at bookshelves of doom and The Longstockings.

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