Fuse #8

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Why am I even posting this? This has nothing to DO with children's literature!

And yet, I couldn't resist. I blame the School Library Journal Blog for bringing this to my attention. Now before I got my cushy cushy I-only-have-to-deal-with-children's-books-ever job, I worked in a New York Public Library branch where several times a day I was required to fill in on an adult Reference Desk. My expertise is children's literature. If you want the best danged train book your five-year-old hasn't seen yet or you're looking for a children's book that teaches kids how to play badminton, I'm your gal. When it comes to adult literature however, I'm a useless pile o' goo. And at no time was this more apparent than when a coot walked into the room. The librarians amongst us will recognize what I mean by coot. Please check out the link below for help on dealing with this phenomenon, should ever the need arise.


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