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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Opal Mehta!!! Did I Scare You?

I swear to you, this is the last post I'll ever make on the subject. For today, anyway. Meg Cabot has posted a uniquely oblique response to the Visawanathan copying scandola. According to a Rutgers student on the Child_Lit listerv, "apparently a great number ofteachers have wanted to use her blog entry about it as handouts for their classes". This is further proof that while Cabot is more talkative than McCafferty about the whole scandaletto, she's in direct competition when it comes classy responses.


At 2:06 PM , Blogger MotherReader said...

Glad that you found that Meg Cabot response. Absolutely excellent.

At 6:05 PM , Blogger Bkbuds said...

Agreed. I had many, many kids plagiarize my book reports, science papers, etc. Not out of friendship or pity, but because it was easier than repeatedly getting my butt kicked, books stolen, locker robbed, panties wedged, etc.

It made me prematurely fatalistic, sorry to say.


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