Fuse #8

Monday, June 05, 2006

I'm Siiiinging For It To Rain

Hello, weather report. I have a request. Please make it pour on Saturday. Buckets and buckets of water. A whole heaping curtain of the stuff. Why? Because IF it rains on Saturday the Bank Street Bookstore with pick up authors Mo Willems, Chris Raschka, and Jane O'Connor by the scruff of the neck and deposit them safe and sound in MY children's room. That means I will be able to actually meet Mo (yes, Mother Reader, I'll use you as an opener) and, even more pleasurable, tell Chris Raschka that he is a) Cute and b) Not allowed to keep telling that story about how he got kicked out of the Donnell Library lo these many years ago.


At 7:19 PM , Blogger web said...

oooo! If you do meet Chris Raschka, please tell him from me that a) he's cute and b) _Can't Sleep_ is the BEST PICTURE BOOK in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD.

At 1:07 AM , Blogger Jackie Parker said...

Did it rain?

At 10:26 AM , Blogger fusenumber8 said...

Um... okay, so we're not sure yet. It looks rainy but no one's giving us the go ahead quite yet. I'll keep you posted.


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