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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Kinda Throws the Whole "Pure As Snow" Idea For a Loop

No too long ago a discussion arose on the child_lit listserv on the oft discussed "Has Disney Destroyed Our Fairy Tales?" topic. Moderator Michael Joseph of Rutgers fame posted this incredibly interesting video as a response. It was his way of showing that Disney wasn't the first cartoonist to adapt fairy tales. It's Betty Boop as Snow White. What could be more natural? Aside from her legs and that garter she tends to lose, the short is worthwhile watching for the Cab Calloway song alone. Mind you, the volume is pretty crummy. Better crank up your audio while you watch. But it's definitely worth it. Fabulous freaky stuff that proves that druggy cartoons can be dated back as far as the 30s.
A big thank you to Michael Joseph for sending me the link.


At 8:26 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Max Fleischer, the animator, was the king of "druggy cartoons"! And I owe him, and this particular `toon, an eternal debt, because they introduced me to the King of Hi De Ho, Cab Calloway, who went from law school to cocaine and jazz, blessing the world thereby. I can't remember if Betty Boop had any other fairytale adventures, but this one has that nice, unexpurgated Brothers Grimm air to it!


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