Fuse #8

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Don't Let the Stool Pigeon Write the Book

Apparently Junior Gotti is writing his own picture book these days. Hey, why not? To soften his tough guy image it's, "a kiddie book about a lovable pint-sized tiger and a fierce dragon."
On one page, a cute tiger locked in a cage weeps at the site of a steaming cauldron that burns before him.

Another shows a fierce green-and-red dragon. And, finally, there's the same little tiger smiling in a mushroom field warmed by a smiling sun.
Awwwwww. How maudlin. Erin Berlin has an especially unique take on his site where he posts alternate Gotti titles, including my favorite: If They Know What’s Good For Them, No One Saw Nothing On Mulberry Street.

Many thanks to Eric Berlin for the link


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