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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Save Ginny Weasely (From Dean Thomas)

Cheryl Klein was kind enough to pass this little bit of info to me for all you Harry and Potters lovers.

September 23rd, Saturday
Brooklyn, NY
Europa Night Club
7:00pm, ALL AGES, $8
98-104 Meserole Ave., (corner of Manhattan Ave.)
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Woohoo! Awesome show with our good friends, and new Brooklyn residents, Uncle Monsterface. Plus the Scurvy Pirates! I know this place looks like a stupid eurotrash night club, but seriously, they're having pretty cool bands play here. Shellac last week and the Moutain Goats later in the month. I'm sold. Get advance tix here !

Reasons you should consider coming to this show:
1) Joe (Harry, Year 4) just started college. You can ask him what he's been learning. He called me last week and told me he's like a giant sponge! Maybe he will do a calculus proof for you or tell you how to clone dinosaurs!
2) Because Joe's in school it means we're playing a lot less frequently. Who knows when we will be able to return to NYC? Months? Years? Well, probably not years, but still...it could be a while.
3) Bill Weasley quit his Gringotts job to come drum for us.
4) Wizard!
5) Puppets!
6) Pirates!
7) All for only $8!
8) Were you thinking about getting a new face? Because if you come to this show, we will remove you old face for free cause it's going to be a face-melting nigth! Hell yes!


Your friends,
Paul and Joe
Harry and the Potters
They had me at "Pirates".


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