Fuse #8

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I don't meditate. Not enough goes on in my brain to warrant it, really. But if I ever grow an extra brain cell (you know, to match my first) I might want to sit and work this Bubble Cam for hours on end. God this is weird. Weird, and oddly satisfying. Why should I get such a sense of accomplishment out of being able to make bubbles appear in some stranger's back yard? The human heart is a funny beastie.

By the way, be sure you go to this site when it's daytime in the continental U.S. Since it's live, the bubbles won't show up at night.

Thanks to Finding Wonderland for the link!


At 12:00 PM , Blogger Nancy said...

WOW. I especially like the "How it Works" page. Because, you know, as soon as I made bubbles appear on the screen, I just had to know how it works.


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